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The flipbook contains the only photos from the 1970's for which the school has copies.


Click here to view photos 1970-1975 in flipbook format.

Click here to view photos 1976-1979 in flipbook format.


1970 1st-6th classes and Kindergarten

1971 1st-6th, 3/4/5 classes and Kindergarten

1972 1st-6th, 4/5/6 classes and Kindergarten

1973 1st-6th, K/1 classes and Kindergarten

1974 1st-6th, 2/3, 4/5/6, K/1 classes and Kindergarten

1975 1C, 1W, 2, 3G, 3L, 4C, 4P, 5, 6, 1/2, 5/6, KR and KW classes

1976 1A, 1C, 2W, 3K, 5P, 6M, 1/2R, 3/4G, 4/5P, 5/6S, KM and KW classes

 1977 1A, 1K, 2N, 2W, 3K, 4G, 5S, 6M, 1/2R, 3/4P, 4/5P, 5/6P, KM and KW classes

1978 1A, 1G, 2R, 2W, 3G, 3S, 3W. 4NP, 4P, 5A, 5S, 6GG, 6NG, 1/2M, KC and KW classes

1979 1C, 1R, 2H, 2W, 3H, 3W, 4B, 5G, 6M, 5/6P, KG


Please contact the school if you have missing photos or can add to the names.